MAP: Please complete your listing two weeks prior to ArtWalk to be listed on the map.
EMAIL PROMOTION: If your venue sends out customer/membership/client emails, a mention of the ArtWalk with link to this webpage or Facebook page would be great. Great chance to rustle up an audience for your own venue.
    • Tag your ArtWalk-related posts with @biddefordartwalk (the @ is important as it will show up on the ArtWalk page and not in Posts by Others) and you’ll get included in the ArtWalk Facebook page. If you want to be an editor on the ArtWalk page, we can set you up for that as well. We just ask that you keep the rules of the page in mind:
    • Please post only ArtWalk promotions…no classes, performances, etc. if they happen on another day/night. This is intended so visitors to the ArtWalk page are not confused as to what’s happening when.
    • Post as if you were posting as ArtWalk, not your own venue. For example, Photo Italia would post, “During June’s ArtWalk, stop by Photo Italia and see the work of Enrico Della Pietra…” rather than “Stop by to see my work at Photo Italia.”
  • CREATE AN EVENT on your own business page and then ADD IT to the ArtWalk Facebook Page. If you’re an Editor of the Biddeford ArtWalk Facebook page, you can click on the 3 dots next to Share and then choose the ArtWalk page. See the graphics below.


  • You can add this account and toggle between this one and your other(s). Account is @biddefordartwalk. Contact Engine for the password (for security purposes). Always use a hashtag #biddefordartwalk in your post.
SHOWING ARTISTS OR MAKERS: Each venue that chooses to participate needs to fine an artist or a artisan to show in their venue. For retail venues, you can have a trunk show or invite a toy designer in.
AFTER HOURS OR FOOD/DRINK VENUES: Thank you for this month’s push, I hope you had a few new visitors. Please let us know what ArtWalk specific specials you might have!
STREET VENDORS: Add some activity outside your own venue to attract people to your doorstep. For Biddeford, vendors must register with Engine here (per Biddeford City codes office).